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How a Safe Deposit Box can Protect your Wealth from a Run on the Banks

Bank runsIn recent days there has been a run on two of Bulgaria’s largest Banks, Corporate Commercial Bank and First Investment Bank.

Run on banks is nothing new, although they are relatively infrequent. My blog today is to give you a brief history of this phenomenon and to offer some advice on how to protect some of your wealth against these events.

Firstly, what is a “Run on the Bank“?

A “Run on the Bank” generally occurs in a banking system when a very large number of its customers withdraw their deposits at the same time and either demand cash or a transfer of those funds into government bonds, metals, other more tangible assets, or a safer bank because they believe that the financial institution will become insolvent.

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Interesting Crime Statistics from Canadian Justice Department

Crime Statistics following interviews with Burglars.

Key Statistics:

63% of Burglars Cut the Telephone Lines before entering house

56% of Burglars stay in house despite knowing house is occupied at the time

85% of Burglars cased the house before hitting it

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Why Store Gold & Silver Bullion in a Safe Deposit Box at Hong Kong Vaults

storing-gold-bullionHistorically when Gold and Silver Bullion has been purchased, the Bullion Dealer has offered to store the physical bullion for the buyer in a vault overseas. Previously, no vaults were available in Ireland to securely store large stocks of bullion, hence overseas vaults. These vaults are typically located in countries such as Switzerland, Singapore, US, Germany & Australia. Bullion dealers generally charge a storage fee of 1% of the value of the bullion per annum. This storage fee will be slightly less if you have a large amount of bullion. The downside with this storage option is accessibility and ease of sale.

Another popular method of buying bullion is The Perth Mint Certificate Programme based in Australia. The bullion is stored in a government owned mint and you are issued with a certificate that details owners name and amount of gold that is stored on your behalf. Downside once again, is accessabilty. In addition, market skeptics suggest that the Australian government could confiscate the bullion if severe financial hardship was endured by the Western Australian Government.

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Top Tips for Insuring your Valuables and how to Reduce your Insurance Premiums.

Being the victim of a burglary can be a very stressful time in a persons life. As a jeweller (Voltaire Diamonds), I am constantly asked for advice on insuring Jewellery and other valuables stored at home. I hope this blog offers some practical advice that will help you avoid the many pitfalls associated with home contents insurance.

As we all know insurance companies like all other companies are in the business of making profits for their shareholders. In the event of a loss or theft of your valuables, the insurance company will employ the services of a Loss Adjuster. The sole purpose of the loss adjuster is to reduce as much as possible the amount the insurance company has to pay out in the event of an insurance claim.

CSO statistics for last year showed a rise in the number of burgalries to 27,000 in Ireland. Secure your own Peace of Mind with MerrionVaults from only £150 per year.

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Do I need a Safe Deposit Box?

Safety deposit boxes in Merrion VaultsWhen I meet people and inform them that I am involved in the Safe Deposit Box business, I usually encounter responses such as “What requirement would I have for a Safe Deposit Box?” or  ” I have nothing of value to store in a Safe Deposit Box?” or “I have a house alarm and a Safe at home?”.

If you ask yourself the following questions it may help you in your decision process:

Have there been burglaries in your area in recent times? Have you items at home that are irreplaceable in the event of a home fire? Are you away from your home for extended periods due to work or holidays? Is your home contents insurance premium significant as a result various specified items on the policy? Have you cleared your mortgage and hold the title deeds? Are you worried about the Banks and what if there was a Cypriot style bailout? Are you a business owner who stores large amounts of cash at home?

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